The Wolcott Citizens Against Substance Abuse (CASA) Coalition has launched a new campaign which aims to remind youth how marijuana can impact their focus on certain tasks. After reviewing the 2016 Search Institute survey data which revealed 3 out of 4 Wolcott students in grades 9-12 have NOT used marijuana in the past 30 days, CASA wants to remind students of the impacts that marijuana can have on their daily life choices such as sports, learning and driving. The goal of this campaign is to remind Wolcott youth that the majority of students do not use marijuana. The campaign will be rolled out via social media, posters and signs.

CASA, Coffee & Cops

Once a month CASA holds in partnership with the Wolcott Police Department "CASA, COFFEE and COPS". Community members are encouraged to come to discuss current youth trends and community concerns.

coffee april

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