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Welcome to Zen Den

If you are feeling stressed, anxious, burnout, or just bored you have come to the right place!

Even just a few minutes of mindfulness, yoga, self care, or relaxation can help.

Check out some tools, tips, and mental health resources below.

Mindfulness, Meditation & Yoga Videos
3-minute meditation exercise for beginners! Feet, Hands and Forehead - Flow

3-minute meditation exercise for beginners! Feet, Hands and Forehead - Flow

Focusing in on your body will help you come in contact with the present moment and, at the same time, practice your ability to control your attention. If you make it a regular thing, meditation can help you stay out of depression. Flow Neuroscience guides us through the process with step-by-step instructions in their at-home-treatment for depression, including a meditation module with daily exercises. According to the World Health Organization, depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Flow Neuroscience offers a new kind of treatment for this disabling condition. The company uses brain stimulation and behaviour therapy to treat depression at home; no talking or medication needed. Brain stimulation is delivered through a wireless headset, controlled by the app Flow - Depression. This certified medical device is the first of its kind in Europe and now available for home use. In addition, the app includes a complete treatment programme with focus on lifestyle changes that significantly reduce symptoms of depression. The Flow treatment programme is suitable for people over 18 years of age who have been diagnosed with depression (major depressive disorder). In this channel, you’ll find some of the original video content from the Flow treatment programme. If you like it, download the full programme for free on iOS at: For more information about the Flow medical device, or to place an order, visit:
Reset: Decompress Your Body and Mind

Reset: Decompress Your Body and Mind

This video mentions an experience that is no longer available, but you can access our current offerings today for free: Hit reset with this free meditation from Headspace, guided by Andy Puddicombe. With schools closed, many of us working from home, and social distancing becoming part of our lives, it can feel like work, family time, and relaxing all blur together. This meditation encourages us to pause and reset between tasks, helping you feel more present and better able to enjoy whatever comes next. Watch more from Headspace: Subscribe to the Headspace channel: #Headspace #Destress #Meditation App Store: Google Play: Follow Us: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Website: ....................................................................................................................... Learn the essentials of meditation and mindfulness with a Headspace subscription. You’ll have access to hundreds of guided meditations, from bite-sized minis for when you’re short on time, singles to add some extra mindfulness to your day, and hundreds of sessions for everything from stress to sleep. Designed to help guide you on your meditation journey.
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